Predicting the AFC East Division Winner

With the NFL right around the corner, it’s officially time to get excited and start thinking about who will win each division and ultimately make the playoffs.  We start with the AFC East today, with the other divisions to follow:

AFC East:

  1.  New England Patriots –  Listen, to say that the best team in the NFL last year and the Super Bowl Champions got BETTER is an issue for the entire NFL, especially the AFC East.  The Pats are just plan stacked and I honestly do not see a weakness in their lineup.  They have a 100% Gronk (for now) and weapons all over the field on offense.  How are you going to cover Brandon Cooks, Gronk and Edelman all at once?  You can’t double team them all and if you do – oh they have Dion Lewis or James White coming out of the backfield and Chris Hogan stretching the field on the other side of Cooks.  This is going to be just unfair for all defenses and I honestly see a 15-1 or 16-0 season from the Patriots with Brady having his best year and an easy MVP win.  PS. Their defense is pretty good as well.
  2. Miami Dolphins – I do not think that the Dolphins will necessarily be a good football team this year but look, they will be better than the Bills and Jets.  Coming off a 10-6 year last year I think that Miami actually has a similar year given that their offense is in place and Jarvis Landry is playing for a contract.  I like what Tannehill did last year until he got hurt but he still needs to realize that he simply cannot continue to throw the INT’s that he is throwing.  Once he learns that he will be a very good QB, until then look for the Fins to be around .500 and not make any noise.
  3. Buffalo Bills – I think the best move the Bills did this off-season was getting rid of loud mouth Rex Ryan.   Other than that, I can’t recall one good off-season move they made.  They lost arguably two of their best players to the Patriots and while Tyrod Taylor and Sammy Watkins seem to be healthy, that isn’t nearly enough to compete with the Patriots and the big boys in the NFL this year.  Look for another 7-9 season for Buffalo and another year without making the playoffs.
  4. New York Jets – Do I even have to write anymore?  These guys lost Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, David Harris and didn’t do much to replace them.  They recently claimed Lucky Whitehead, which I really don’t get and kept Matt Forte for lord knows what reason. If I am Forte, I am going to cause a scene this year to guarantee that I am not a Jet for the entire year.  This team is going to be the worst team in the NFL and I would be surprised if they win 3 games.   They are a bye almost every single week.


That’s it for the AFC East, I will be doing a division every day or so in preparation for the upcoming NFL season!  Excited to be a part of the WTPsports team and I look forward to bringing you some weekly NFL and CFB articles as well as some great fantasy advice for all my Fan Duel and DraftKings players!


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