If One Team is Winning the Trade Game This Year, It’s the White Sox

Whether you like the White Sox or not, one thing is for certain. The White Sox are making the most moves and continue to move in the right direction. It’s almost like they took a page out of the book from the team across the city on the North Side and decided to do the same thing they did; stock pile prospects.

Not only have the White Sox been making the most moves, it seems like every move they make they come out with the better deal. In no way shape or form do these deals help the club get better immediately but the White Sox understand where they stand and the state in which their club is in. They are full rebuild and you see it with the moves they are making.

You can go all the way back to the Chris Sale deal and look at who the White Sox ended up getting with that deal. The White Sox received the overall no. 1 prospect in baseball in Yoan Moncada who just recently hit his first homer in the majors. The White Sox also received a guy by the name of Michael Kopech, who has been phenomenal in the White Sox farm system and his a highly touted pitching prospect. The White Sox also received other prospects, Luis Alexander and Victor Diaz.

Move on from that and into this year, the White Sox got the trade frenzy started by trading the only ace they had left in Jose Quintana to the Cubs. But again, the White Sox came out on top with what they got in return for Q. The White Sox received OF Eloy Jimenez, another top prospect, Dylan Cease who has a 12.3 strikeout per 9 ratio and two infielders, Matt Rose and Bryant Flete.

The White Sox weren’t done yet as they then traded Todd Frazier and David Robertson to the Yankees for… Yup you guessed it, more prospects. Everyone saw this Todd Frazier deal happening sooner or later but many thought it would be to the Red Sox and I think the Red Sox bluffed their interest in it to make sure the Yankees ended up offering up more and more like they always do. So I think the White Sox owe a thank you to the Red Sox. After all, it is 2017 and all sox get a long, no matter if they are White Sox or Red Sox. The White Sox sent over Todd Frazier, David Robertson and reliever Tommy Kahnle. In return the White Sox received a top outfield prospect Blake Rutherford, reliever Tyler Clippard, Minor League pitcher Ian Clarkin and outfielder Tito Polo. Again, the White Sox won this one.

Those were the so called “Blockbuster” trades but the White Sox weren’t done there. The recently traded pitcher Dan Jennings to Tampa Bay for a switch hitting infielder by the name of Casey Gillaspie.

Lastly, the White Sox parted ways with pitcher Anthony Swarzak and received another prospect in Ryan Cordell (OF).

Here is a full list of the main trades the White Sox have made:

LOST                                                                             Gained

  • Jose Quintana                                                             OF Eloy Jimenez
  • Tommy Kahnle                                                           P Dylan Cease
  • Todd Frazier                                                               INF Matt Rose
  • David Robertson                                                        INF Bryant Flete
  • Dan Jennings                                                              INF Casey Gillaspie                                                                                                                       OF Blake Rutherford                                                                                                                      P Tyler Clippard                                                                                                                            P Ian Clarkin                                                                                                                                  OF Tito Polo

There’s a slight possibility that I may have missed some names here and there but that is not the point here. The point is that the White Sox are making moves and are planning to be good in a few years. If there’s anything White Sox fans can look forward to, it’s how this exact strategy turned out for the Cubs. We will have something to cheer about soon enough, just have to push through the hard times.

The White Sox are with out a doubt the trade game winners for 2017. Watch out.


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