The Super Fight Will be Shown in Theaters

August 26th 2017, Conor McGregor will be destroyed by Floyd Mayweather, and who doesn’t want to see that. There are a few options to choose from to view, so here are the best ways to watch the Super Fight. If you are a multi-millionaire and have enough money to go watch this fight live, still don’t do it. This fight will be long and drawn out much like Mayweather v Pacquiao so don’t waste your money because then everyone on twitter will hear you moaning and groaning. The next best option for the average consumer will be Pay-Per-View. The average PPV is around $60 so expect a price between $70 and $100. While this may seem like a lot, grow up, have friends over and split the cost. You could watch a great fight for only a few dollars and you can’t beat that. The last option is watching the fight on an IMAX screen at select theaters. First off, good luck trying to get any tickets for this fight, because they will sell out in seconds. If you are lucky to get these tickets and live in a location near a theatre, have fun spending $40 a ticket plus an additional at least $20 for snacks and drinks. Bottom line is, if you are smart, get together a group of guys, buy the PPV and have a great night with the boys. Don’t waste money on going live so you can just complain how underwhelming the fight will be, and don’t go spend $40 a person just to watch it on the big screen.


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