The Injury is Real and a Very Bad Sign

Another 10-day DL stint for David Price…. shocker. It seems like ever since Price signed for big money with the Sox, there has been some sort of problem that has hindered his success with the team. Yet although it may seem like he’s taken the bumpy road, he actually hasn’t pitched all that bad. Especially this season where he’s struck out 63 in 66 IP to go along with 5 wins in 11 starts and a sub 4 ERA. There’s no doubt that Price is not right but he is still a solid starter in today’s game. 

Yet Sox fans are celebrating that the team placed Price on the DL with a “fake injury”. To everyone celebrating let me ask you, who would you rather have at the back end of a stellar rotation, David Price or Doug Fister? I mean this is an obvious answer! You don’t have to be a genius to realize that Price is much better than Doug Fister, a depth pickup off waivers who’s best days are behind him. 

For those that are celebrating because of the recent incident with Eck, this is where you need to realize that this is an off the field incident and in no way shape or form will it effect the pitching of David Price. I’m not a fan of Price at the price he is at either, and he is certainly a coward for the way he handled the Eckersley situation but there’s no reason he should be kept from helping the team for that reason. 

So the injury is real, no doubt about it. As the team starts to fall there is no way that the Sox front office would put a solid middle of the rotation starter on the shelf for no reason. Sox fans need to stop rooting against a player on our own team, especially now. Remember, the better he does the higher chance he’ll opt out of his deal after next season, and then we can spend all of his money elsewhere. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m crossing my fingers for that senerio. 


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