CTE Is Scaring The Shit Out Of Players And Forcing Them Away From The Game Way Faster than Old Age 

Did he say concussions were the reason for retrieving? Nope. Is that what anyone is saying? No not really. Is it even considered an early retirement at age 33? Debatable. In my opinion, the fact that this came out of nowhere is a bit thought provoking, and if his retirement is happening today then it’s a good oppertunity to at least explore for the sake of a lot of other players. The latest player to join the group premature retirement is Rob Ninkovich. 

Part time animal, full time D end for the pats. At 33, I can see him being a little tired of the game at this point but with 3 diagnosed* concussions, I feel that may hold more weight behind closed doors. 

This is just an opinion so click out of the page if you’re going to comment some dumb thing about how he’s old and that’s why he retired. I get he’s not 25, but he’s still a force at 33. Without considering stats, his presence on the field is enormous. He’s a physical beast but his in game thought process is what sets him apart. He could be as old and decrepit as Revis but because he’s a smart son of a bitch, he would still impact the game immensely. That’s why I’m leaning toward the side that might be CTE related. Not saying he has it, or will have it. What I am saying is that every day, new finds become public and these guys realize the damage that is done and could continue to be done if they don’t walk away. 

As a dad, Nink isn’t worried about another guaranteed super bowl this year, or making more money, he’s worried about his kids having a father who might blow up one day and do some crazy stuff. Everyone knows about the public stories of guys who come out and say they are retiring because of the studies, but if you think that all these other guys aren’t letting that pass through their head while making the choice to walk away, you’re dumb. Just watch the Will Smith movie “Concussion”. 
I wish the best for Nink in retirement. He did a ton for my team and New England as a whole, but I think we need to look at this a bit deeper than what’s on the surface. No, I don’t want to take contact out of football and I think people who want that are idiots; but I do think that you can make the game more safe. Overall, those are my quick thoughts on the retirement and I’ll finish by saying he isn’t going to be the last guy to retire out of nowhere. They are gonna keep coming and I hope they do (to an extent) because it will wake the fans up, as well as the NFL. 

– 460 Tackles. 46 Sacks. 5 INTs. 10 Forced Fumbles. 14 Fumble Recoveries. 2 TDs. 2x Super Bowl Champion.
Goodell hates puppies.



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