Cubs Will Give Steve Bartman A World Series Ring That He Should Immediately Wipe His Ass With


Real Chicago Cubs fans are the worst fans in sports. I’ll start with that. Rooting for a team that hasn’t won in 108 years is so damn easy. It’s like rooting for the Patriots; it’s almost so easy that it doesn’t count. The difference is that Pats fans actually deal with public hatred because their team wins. Fans of the Cubs didn’t actually have to defend their team because they were so bad, it was just another year of knowing they weren’t going to win. It was a comedy show. Now that the Cubs have won, it’s time fans get a wakeup call.

You thought winning a world series would make us forget all about the Bartman thing, didn’t you? Steve Bartman did nothing wrong, but Chicago fans were so goddamn desperate to blame someone for their horrible streak that they drove a fan into hiding. They literally drove a man away from his life because their team couldn’t close out a baseball game. It brings to mind the very similar way Red Sox fans vilified Bill Buckner, but that’s a tale for a different day.

The only goat in Chicago was the scapegoat named Steve; and now, NOW, the horrible excuse for a fan base and team ownership wants to give Bartman a ring. There is a lot that a solid gold ring with a bunch of gems can fix, but someone’s life isn’t one of them. This guy fucking loved baseball and the Cubs so much that he would listen to the game on the radio WHILE AT THE FUCKING GAME, and Cubs fans and their organization dragged him through the mud. Cubs fans blow. The Cubs blow. It was magical seeing them win a world series, but how about a goddamn apology for literally destroying a life?  A championship definitely doesn’t automatically heal years of damage to a person’s heart. 

Steve, I hope you get that ring, and I hope you take a steamy shit on it right in front of Cubs nation.



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    Would that be a Cleveland steamer or a Chicago steamer? Well now I’m confused

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