New England Patriots Dark Horse, Jordan Richards

In the few practices that the Patriots have had this year there has been a few young stars emerging. Out of all the kids to choose from Jordan Richards is making the biggest impact right now. This is his third year being drafted out of the second round in 2015. This is the year he should start to show what he’s got. He’s had some time to watch and develop behind great players like Devin McCourty, Patrick Chung and Duron Harmon. These guys have helped him and still could help him turn into a good player. So he needs to make a big impression so he can be trusted if one of these guys do go down. Not only should he not want to be trusted he should want them to feel confident in his ability to get the job done.

Moving on to their first padded practice. Now everybody should usually look kind of rusty but Richards came out flying. He was batting down passes and making plays all over the field. First off, anybody who can intercept Tom Brady can probably play, granted this is only training camp. Jordan Richards made a jump on a ball thrown by Brady, intercepted the ball and it looked fabulous. The next play that really intrigued me was a play of pure grit and power. He was up against Rob Gronkowski and the back went up in the air. They both leapt and had their hands on the ball. Now just by the measurables you would think Gronk would come down with it but Richards ripped it away making an outstanding play. He could be one of the up and coming guys if McCourty or Chung end up leaving or retiring anytime soon.


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