The Chicago Cubs presented Steve Bartman with a 2016 World Series ring, most likely putting Steve in the public’s cross hairs once again.  Bartman was sitting in the stands at a playoff game in 2003 and was blamed and publicly humiliated for the Cubs’ loss in a playoff series due to his interfering with Cubs Moises Alou trying to catch a foul ball. Bartman went into hiding for many years, but now that he is in possession of a very expensive and sought after item, you can be sure the Gollumish Wrigley scumbags will find him, beat him senseless and make off with the ring.  The action starts today on the streets of Chicago.

I was surprised to see the Ravens turn down Colin Kaepernick after he met with the team late last week.  The Ravens starting QB Joe Flacco is injured and Kap seemed like a great fit for several reasons.  Along with Flacco, Baltimore had a lineman suddenly announce his retirement, so there is ample room on the sidelines now to kneel or even lie down during anthems. Furthermore, Kap despises police officers, so what better city to get that message out loud and clear than cop hating Baltimore?  Lastly, Baltimore has a lousy core of receivers, so why not employ a quarterback who can’t throw worth a shit, thereby keeping salaries at a league low for all pass catchers on the team?  The Ravens declined to sign him however and instead signed an arena quarterback who likes the police and stands up during songs of national pride.

Arrogant Patriots owner Robert Kraft said in an interview that the teams’ stadium has no space for the new Super Bowl banner.  When teams that have plenty of room in their banner area (Colts, Falcons, Bills, Rams, Chargers, Texans etc)  failed to step up and offer their space, some construction had to be done at Gillette Stadium to make room for the new banner.  Kraft puts this message out so he can raise the price of everything to cover the construction, but somehow make the fans feel like they are getting something for it, when in fact no one gives two shits if the banner was hanging in the men’s room where you could gaze at it while you shit out soot-ridden sausages and bags of over salted peanuts.


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