Trouble in Paradise?

Today was just another normal day in the land of champions, Foxboro, MA. Training camp was moving along the way it usually does with fans coming to see the greatest NFL player to live, Tom Brady. Then these fans got to see something that doesn’t happen too often under the Belichick regime, a fight.

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The fight was between Julian Edelman and newcomer Stephon Gilmore occurred in the end zone for fans to witness. The play started in the red zone and as usual the corner will get a little physical. The ball goes up and falls incomplete. After the play Gilmore then shoves Edelman and Edelman retaliated by grabbing him and throwing him to the ground. Both then wrestle to the ground until it is broken up. Now Edelman was probably talking trash during and after the play so Gilmore’s reaction wasn’t unprovoked. The incident lasted for about 15 seconds and both were then ejected from the practice. Bill Belichick has a non-negotiable rule that if you fight then you get ejected.

We all fully expect this little fight to just disappear after a week because it’s just two really competitive guys going at it for a short time. Nothing should separate this locker room because this team needs to realize that they could go all the way yet again. I’m sure Bill and the staff will have a little chat about this with Gilmore and Edelman to make sure they are the leaders in this locker room and that they cannot be fighting. They need the offense and defense to be on the same page. It can’t be two separate teams, it needs to be one unit, one team.

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I think that things will be back to normal again tomorrow and if we do get any comments from anybody it’ll just be that they are focused on the season and it was just a competitive time and they let emotions get the best of them. Fans shouldn’t be worried by this because things will be back to normal tomorrow and fights happen all the time, to every team in training camp. Now it usually does happen when joint practices take place but if theses guys are that competitive now just wait until the regular season to see them flying around. This should be a really fun season to be a Patriots fan.


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