You Don’t Take Stephen Jackson Out

Stephen Jackson takes Big 3 basketball very seriously. On Sunday, Jackson was pulled from the game by coach, Charles Oakley, after he was arguing with the refs over a foul. After Jackson was pulled, he just wasn’t quite done arguing and started getting into it with Oakley as well. Now both of these guys aren’t afraid of speaking their minds as they have been quoted over the past few weeks. Jackson has been mic’d up for a couple games and has been yapping with players during the game constantly and even saying the Big 3 guys could beat an NBA team. Oakley was on the “I Am Rappaport” podcast recently and was saying how the players in the league were “overly sensitive”.

The audio from this player/coach altercation is what makes Big 3 basketball entertaining in the first place. The “We ain’t going to win if I’m not out there” is the cocky quote we love to see. Jackson even goes on to tell Oakley that he is going to go check himself back in the game at one point. The trash talk between players and even coaches is like the feeling of being at the playground. Jackson’s interview after the game went on to say how much respect he has for Oakley. These heat of the moment exchanges are great and have to be the main selling point for this Big 3 league.

One would think the weed before the game would calm Jackson.

Jackson went on to score 23 in a 50-40 win.

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