ECU Recruiting is Bringing the Heat!


The 18-year-old and actually athletic me was giddy to see East Carolina University sending out these dope scholarship offers. Having never actually received an athletic scholarship offer, this is one that would have caught my attention. The rest of the division one schools have your simple stamped school logo on a piece of paper and ECU has changed the game.

I Love You, Christian Vazquez

The ECU athletic office wanted to do something different this year and boy did they nail it. They did all the work themselves. Each piece of paper was stained with coffee grounds and all of the edges were burnt by hand. Each offer has a custom purple wax seal. They were then rolled up into a scroll and anything received in a scroll form is awesome. The only thing that could make this better, is if Jack Sparrow delivered each one himself.

Being from Virginia, I knew a few friends that went to ECU and they are known for their pool parties. The area around the school is known as “G-Vegas”.

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The school is very passionate about their football program. This is a great recruiting tool that they have added. ECU is fully embracing the school’s pirate theme and building around that brand.

Well done ECU, the rest of the schools have been put on notice. LSU….I’m expecting to see your offers delivered by a tiger real soon…

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