Football Is Back – A Degenerate’s View

Oh Football, I have missed you! Finally the time has come for me to stop acting like I actually care about baseball. A man can only lose but so much money on baseball, just to pass the time. I can now fully invest my time into looking at third string running backs and wide receivers. Will start looking through depth charts to see if I notice any QB names that I remember from college football.

Tonight is the Hall of Fame game between the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals. Who cares about Dak Prescott, Zeke Elliott, and Larry Fitzgerald. We came to see Kellen Moore vs Blaine Gabbert under the bright lights!


Feels a little weird that the game is on Thursday night instead of the normal Sunday night-time slot. None the less it’s football on TV and I will be tuned in. Tomorrow morning we will get hot takes about how Ronnie Hillman could push Zeke for reps or how Aaron Dobson shines after he was over-hyped in New England.

The gambler in me has to make some sort of play on this game. It’s the first NFL game in months and the degenerate in me has to bet it. In the last five Hall of Fame games (there have been two games cancelled), only one game has gone over the total. The final totals in these games were 17, 30, 44, 27, and 23. The Cowboys were actually in the only game that went over the total, however in that game there were 14 points scored in the last five minutes of that game to put it over the total. Teams in the Hall of Fame game barely play, if at all, any of the starters. Since these teams will be playing five preseason games, the coaches really don’t seem to care. Most of the guys in tonight’s game will working a normal 9-5 job at the start of the season anyway.

My degenerate preseason bet for this game is: Under 34.5

P.S. – Let’s try and not burn the field this year NFL….



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