Video of Quincy-Milton “Fight” at Marina Bay Goes Viral


A brawl that was first reported Monday afternoon is sadly sweeping the internet.

QUINCY, MA- The Marina Bay district is home to shops, businesses, luxury real estate, and is a hangout spot for people of all ages. Today it’s not as peaceful after a brawl broke out between a handful of Quincy and Milton high school students Monday afternoon.

There were multiple calls to the police after this fight broke out. Currently, there are only pictures and a short cell phone video of the beatings taken by one of the attackers.

The North Quincy high schoolers (more than six African-American boys on the left, and some not pictured) initiated the fight according to the clip below. While the Milton high schoolers (the four caucasian boys with their backs to the docks) receive the beating in the video.

It starts with an uncomfortable exchange of words, with both sides arguing and threatening to fight (“what’s up, n****”, “f*cking b*tch”). After a few seconds they put up their fists and went to blows.

The Quincy students appeared to be a few years older than the Milton students, which may explain why there were insults and that the beatings were one-sided. As the Milton students tried to escape, retaliation from the Quincy students continued. The Milton boys maintain that they were spit on by the Quincy boys.

The Quincy police ask anyone with information to call 508-320-2300.

Before you watch the video, there are few disclaimers:

  • This is still an open case and is currently under investigation by Quincy and state police. That means the motives are currently unconfirmed.
  • This is only 1:37 of footage for a confrontation that was probably much longer than that.
  • The phone video was allegedly recorded by the attackers. This makes it possible that some of the footage was deleted, left out, or edited.

And finally, what you’ll see is not the full truth. Therefore you should reserve judgement until after all of the details are uncovered.

It is understandable that you may feel disgust, hatred, and anger that this was allowed to go on. Nonetheless, this is an atrocity and nothing to feel proud of.

WARNING: language, violence


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