NBA Live 18 is introducing the WNBA and here’s why you shouldn’t care

The WNBA is one of if not the most boring professional sports leagues in history. Before all that “he’s a misogynist” bullshit starts, I’m really not being sexist. And here’s why.

In the NBA, dunks happen on the regular. It would be crazy if a dunk didn’t happen in a full 48-minute game. In the WNBA however, if a dunk happens it is an automatic highlight-reel play. Not saying that it isn’t impressive (as someone who can’t dunk, I envy Lisa Leslie for being able to throw down) but I’m just tired of seeing the same one-handed half layup half-dunk and it being shown on ESPN. I’m not saying the WNBA doesn’t deserve more coverage because I think it does. It is a great sports league and I do watch it. It’s basically the NBA 50 years ago. So in 50 years, if a WNBA game is introduced, I’ll be excited.

I think introducing a playable female game character like this is wrong. If Ronnie and the 2K team were smart, they wouldn’t introduce the WNBA, but give customers the ability to create a female and show her journey to the NBA. Imagine playing “MyCareer” with a woman and having her defy all odds and make it big time. That would be some shit I would pay for. You could build her attributes up like any other and then eventually have her dunk on Lebron; sales would go through the roof. If any NBA game market were to do this it would make sales rise and also help young girls out. I do believe that eventually a girl will play in the NBA. So when this game releases with the option to play as a female NBA player looking for glory just like any other man, it will inspire them to do the same and be able to break gender barriers in sports. Soon we’ll be seeing a girl quarterback being compared to Tom Brady. When that day comes I would like my full credit for the reasoning that I gave the idea to have women play in sports video games just like any man.

Isaac Fox



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  1. Women play sports with more skill and grace. Men play sports with more power. Nothing new stated here. Just enjoy the difference in the two styles of play between the two genders and stop COMPARING the two two styles of play. There are more men coaching women’s sports than women, which is too bad, but obviousely the men involved in coaching women, respect women the way they play sports. Why can’t you?

    1. Did I once say ever in that I don’t respect the way they play sports? I even stated because I know people like you would do this that I’m not being sexist at all

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