The case against Kaepernick

At WTP Sports, we don’t get down with political views and if you’re looking for a political argument for or against why Kaepernick isn’t signed, then stop reading now. Maybe it’s some politics, but maybe he just isn’t a very good QB?

Going back to Week 12 in 2014, he has a starting QB record of 4-20. Some might argue we don’t base everything in the NFL on wins and losses, especially when it comes to QBs,  but isn’t the purpose of the game to win? Regardless of what surrounds you?

The 49ers have been in rebuild mode, pretty much since their Super Bowl run in 2013, but Kaepernick has not performed at a high level since that season. The past two seasons, he has had three games with over 300 yards passing and 11 games with one touchdown pass or less (including five with zero). On the positive side, he has protected the ball well by only throwing nine interceptions the past two seasons. While he has fumbled 14 times, he has only lost four of them since the 2015 season. Protecting the ball was never one of his weaknesses.

The problem I have with all the controversial “give him a chance” talk is he really isn’t that good. He doesn’t warrant the money he is asking for, let alone a starting job in the NFL. If you want to make it a political thing, go ahead. Do I think that helped him? Absolutely not, but we need to look at his on field performance to make the case why he isn’t signed to an NFL team not the latter.


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