Are you still mad at Pablo?

Who’s fault was it for the failure of the Panda? I still laugh a little calling a grown man Panda. I’m not a Sox fan, but I live in New England and the amount of bitching and crying about Panda got unreal. Was he a bad player…Yup. Was he overpaid…Yup. When he was signed did I hear anyone bitch…NOPE! When they signed him people were happy to buy his jersey. I heard he was the next Papi replacement, which is what happens when there’s a shiny new toy, until reality hits. I’ve seen it happen time and time again, sometimes money is not everything.

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Pablo was loved in San Fran as he helped them win three titles. Some of the years he contributed more than others, but he was a member of those teams none the less. The Sox as a dominant big market team offered him the most money and he took it. Look I’m a Braves fan, I wish my team could waste money on talent and just move on, but they can’t. The Sox will be fine, but for a small market team this contract would have done years of damage. It was a bad fit here and it just did not work out, but at the end of the day that is the business of baseball athletes. They get overpaid, it happens every year, and it will continue to happen. Sox fans, do not pretend like you were not happy when he signed though. It just did not work out and the deal was just “YUCK”




2 comments on “Are you still mad at Pablo?”
  1. Cindy says:

    Pablo committed the sin that many over rated players commit. He sat on his “fat ass,” otherwise known as “laurels.” Imagine where the Patriots would be, if GOAT Tom Brady, Gronkowski, or Belichick did that?! You get the point. No one to blame here, but Fat Ass Sandoval. He is a disgrace to himself, first and foremost!

  2. Martin Musekiwa says:

    Yeah I just think whenever players come it’s easy to forget how happy fans are until it doesn’t work out but devers is now killing it and Pablo happy in the west coast but still getting paid by the Sox

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