Giancarlo Stanton: Man amongst boys

Giancarlo Stanton is not hard to miss. At 6-6, 245 lbs; Stanton has a stature of a football player and is one of the strongest MLB players today. He shows it day in and day out with his mammoth home runs.

The problem over the last several seasons is the Miami star has been struck by the injury bug far too many times. Before this season, Stanton had only played 193 games in 2015 and 2016 due to injury. This season, he has managed to play in all but two of Miami’s 108 games. So for the time being, the power slugger is looking at a healthy full season.

Stanton is still fairly young at 27, and his stardom some believe is only trending upwards. Having the power Stanton has, it is hard to believe he has never eclipsed the 40 HR mark in any season; since entering the league in 2010. It is also hard to believe that for the last few seasons, trade rumors are always swirling around Giancarlo. In large part due to the Miami Marlins always wondering if it is time to break down and rebuild with numerous prospects.

Giancarlo Stanton currently leads the majors in home runs. Stanton is narrowing his some what twin in the American League, Aaron Judge, (Stanton – 36 HR, Judge – 34 HR).  Finally this season, Stanton is on course to go well over the 40 home run mark, and as long as he stays healthy moving forward, who knows what marks he can eclipse as far as home run records. Although Miami isn’t always in contention, Giancarlo Stanton is always worth the price of admission.


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