LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOOOOOOOOR. This is the song that keeps playing in my head every single day while watching training camp. This is why you do not do your drafts early my friends!!! I would do early drafts because who the hell doesn’t like to draft, but we are a week in and how many injuries have already affected drafts. I’ll never forget being a kid and drafting Mike Vick, only to watch him go out for the year in preseason; or watching Kelvin Benjamin on the ground knowing I had just lost my third round pick. So kids wait….I know its hard, and we all want to draft and “rosterbate” non stop; but if you can, push it back to at least week three or four of the preseason. However if you can’t, good luck, and just hope your player isn’t the next Tannehill, Sterling Shepard, Mike Williams, or Tony Romo.

P.S. – BRADY IS ON THE MADDEN COVER AND I’M STAYING AWAY! Watch him break Peyton’s record as I stay away.


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