JAY CUTLER TO THE DOLPHINS! When I think the AFC EAST is a joke, it now becomes that much easier. I guess you can add another quarterback to the list of trash that Richard Sherman went on a rant about. If you have not read it, he went to name all of the QBs that Colin is better than; including and I quote “All of the QBs on the Jets.” Now I’m not saying that Colin is great, but did you see the wide receivers he threw to last year? Most are now out of the league because they were 100% pure garbage. Jay Cutler is trash and the Dolphins were not much of a threat, but if you think Mr Turnover Jay Cutler will bring the Dolphins to the playoffs; well you’re just foolish. Pats will wrap up another AFC East title and coast to the playoffs. Wake me up in January when the Pats season starts.

Giancarlo Stanton: Man amongst boys

P.S: I really wanted to go to the Pats/Dolphins game in Miami in December. Maybe the ticket prices will be so low it will be a bargain. Road games for the Pats are the best thing going.


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  1. Don’t do it. Dolphins fans are low class pieces of shit and you will pay a shitload of $ to sit surrounded by them and listen to them. I live near Miami and would rather fly to Boston to see Pats vs Fins at Gillette

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