It’s August and if you did not know or are stuck watching your baseball team trying to fight to make playoffs or rebuild for next season; the Dodgers are crushing teams souls everyday. I just saw Rich Hill, who looks like my high school teacher, give up three runs in the first inning and then cruise for his usual five inning outing…that man’s SHUT DOWN GAME! You look at their division and the Rockies and Diamondbacks would be in first place in every division minus the NL East and AL West, but they have not sniffed the NL West since April. They are at the point that Yasiel Puig is giving fans the bird, the best pitcher on the planet is on the DL, and it has not slowed them down. But none of this matters unless they finish the job in October and November. Regular season is cool but as a New Englander, the only thing that matters is the SHIP and I want to see if Clayton will poop his pants again? Will Dave Roberts make the correct in game moves? Or will it be same old Dodgers pulling another Dan Marino, Utah Jazz, or Seattle Mariners choke job. In the mean time enjoy it dodger fans, but when postseason comes your team better not poop its pants while the whole world will be watching.


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