Can Brady defy the odds and beat Father Time? 

This past week had a very special day for any NFL fan. Tom Brady turned 40 years old. Only a select few quarterbacks have been able to play beyond 40 and most were not that good. Among those were Brett Favre, Warren Moon, Matt Hasselback, Doug Flutie, and Johnny Unitas. Among those guys only two had winning records. Brett Favre and Matt Hasselback were the only ones with winning records at 13-12 and 5-3. Between 13 guys who have played past the age of 40, only one was able to win a playoff game, and that was Brett Favre. The year that Favre won a playoff game was pretty close to an MVP year for him but the next year he completely fell off a cliff. His ability diminished and he wasn’t really able to have a good performance again.

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My point is that at any moment Brady could fall off a cliff. Now Brady does take care of his body way better than any of these guys did and that could push him over the top, but will it? Now I personally think Brady can play into his mid forties, but will he want to and will the old ball and chain let him. Look, the numbers and the facts are against Brady but they always have been. He’s overcome being the 199th pick, being upset twice in the super bowl, and finally being throw under the bus for this whole “Deflategate” thing. So I think if it’s anybody who could overcome old age and Father Time, I think it has to be Brady. Sorry Patriots fans, as much as I want him to, he can’t play forever. So we mind as well soak it all in now while it lasts.

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