Is it time for the Patriots to find a new kicker? 

For as long as Tom Brady has been here, the Patriots have only had two kickers. Adam Vinatieri and Stephen Gostkowski and both have been outstanding. Gostkowski was very good for years and years, but for the past few seasons he has been rather shaky. Two years ago he missed one of the most important field goals of the season in Denver. That field goal cost them a trip to Super Bowl 50 and probably a Super Bowl victory , considering Peyton Manning won with a terrible performance. This past year he missed a total of five field goals and that is not including extra points. Also he missed a big field goal in the Super Bowl, which then forced them to go for two the rest of the game. He hasn’t been the same since he missed that field goal in Denver and it is becoming an issue that could start to cost them games. If he starts to cost them games then it might be time to say goodbye. Today, he missed two field goals in their joint practices with the Jaguars. This isn’t good considering it’s only training camp and not even preseason. This has to be in the mind of Bill Belichick because he could affect the team in a negative way. They might have to start looking for another kicker, or at least some sort of competition to light a fire under him. I guess we’ll find out how good he does in preseason and the regular season to try and save his job.

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