Monday Motivation

Good morning WTP followers, and hopefully we have some new readers this week as well. Also, if it is at all possible, Happy Monday. Is that possible? Can a Monday be happy?The start of a new work week, and somewhat of a “fresh start” as some may have it. Whether you are starting a new project at work or have to finish one from last week, hopefully your Monday provides you with a good outlook on the five day work week; and for some, even into the weekend.


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What motivates you on a Monday? Is it the fresh pot(s) of coffee at the office that you HEAVILY rely on to get you through the day. Maybe you are dying to get into the office to tell all your co-workers how great of a weekend you had; especially if it was longer than the normal two days.

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Regardless of ones routines on Monday, it tends to trend into the rest of the week and thus is the key to one’s success.  Find your motivation today readers, and all of us at WTP hope you have a great work week.  And remember, in the spirit of Game of Thrones:   “FOOTBALL IS COMING”


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