The Most Underrated Elite QB

There are many elite quarterbacks in the NFL nowadays. Some better than others, but all great enough to lead their team to winning seasons. Obviously the big name elite quarterbacks are Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. Those guys get all the respect and rightfully so, but there is a certain elite quarterback that doesn’t get any respect and he should. That man’s name is Matthew Stafford and he is the ELITE quarterback for the Detroit Lions. Yes, Matthew Stafford is very underrated for his skill set. He has the biggest arm in the league which means he can throw deep better than all of the quarterbacks in the NFL. Not to mention he had his best season last season without potential hall of fame wide receiver Calvin Johnson Jr. He had to step up big time to lift up a team that was wondering their positioning in the league. Whether they were at the bottom of the league looking for a draft pick or at the top of the league looking for a Super Bowl. It would all depend on how their franchise QB Matthew Stafford played. Not only did Stafford step up, but he played great leading the Lions to a 9 win season and to start the season was an MVP candidate. His stats look like this.

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Yards: 4,327

TD/INT: 24/10

Rating: 93.3

After that season people really need to start respecting Matthew Stafford and I guess even the Lions. Matthew Stafford hasn’t had only one good season either. Since he’s been in the league he has been really solid. In only his 3rd NFL season he threw for 41 TDs and over 5,000 yards. He has put up great numbers ever since that season and has shown people why he is an elite QB. Is he better than Tommy? NO, but I think he is in the top 10 of best QBs in the NFL. He can win games and he can win while being down in the fourth quarter. Last season he had an NFL record eight fourth quarter comeback wins to show that he is clutch. Stafford put up those stats last season while playing through a broken middle finger. He was ranked 31st on NFL Network’s Top 100 list. He was ranked as the ninth best quarterback in the league by his peers, which are his fellow NFL players. Even the guys that play him know that he is a top 10 QB.


Why Is He Ranked Low?

As I said he was ranked as the ninth best QB in the league by his peers, but many and when I say many people, I mean MANY people don’t agree with that. NFL experts see Matthew Stafford as a top 20 quarterback which they might have to change their title as expert if they think that. Experts put players like Andy Dalton and Kirk Cousins ahead of Stafford. Now why do they do that? I’m going to give you a couple of examples.

  1. The Lions aren’t always known as a winning team as Stafford has been the quarterback for most of that. His record since being in the league is 51-61
  2. Another reason has to do with winning as well and that is his playoff success or lack there of. He has a playoff record of 0-3.
  3. Other quarterbacks have better teams, so it makes it simple for them if they are throwing to some of the best players at their position and have a stout defense

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Why He Is Top 10?

  1. As I said he has the biggest arm in the league and throws the deep ball better and more accurately than most elite quarterbacks.
  2. He is great when his team his losing. That is when he makes his best plays, best decisions, and just overall plays his best

I believe that Matthew Stafford should get way more respect than he already does. He is very underrated, especially when you compare him to other elite quarterbacks in the NFL. I’m going to project how I think he will do next season.


Yards: 3,500

TD/INT: 32/12

Rating: 95.4

Wins: 9




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