From Jaguar to Patriot?

The Patriots and Jaguars are having joint practices and its funny because it seems that Coach Billy G.O.A.T looks at these practices as a scouting tool. Well at least an up close look for future talent. I looked at some past joint practices and there was the Buccaneers, the Eagles, and the Saints. The Patriots had joint practices with the Saints when Cooks was playing for them. He dazzled then, and is now a member of the Patriots. How often did we hear rumors of Deandre Hopkins trades to the Patriots since they have seen him a few times in joint practices? In 2013 did Tim Wright show something to Belichick at the joint practice that lead to him being on the Patriots? And although Eric Rowe was not on the team, did the joint practice lead to a future discussion with the General Manager to get a trade done. Now these players all might have ended up here in New England regardless of the joint practices, but lets not be surprised if some of these Jaguars end up on the Patriots in the near future.

P.S. – I’m selfishly hoping they end up with ALLEN ROBINSON, that man is a STUD! But that’s just wishful thinking.

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