Is Cutler over Kaepernick really the right move?

Many fans have been enraged this past weekend with the Miami Dolphins signing Jay Cutler over Colin Kaepernick. Do I think it was a smart choice made by the Dolphins? Absolutely not.

Kaepernick has been stonewalled by NFL teams over the controversy surrounding him taking a knee during the national anthem. Everyone is so consumed in that one topic that they seem to forget how great of a player Kaepernick is. Cutler is injury-prone and to sign him over a healthy 29 year old QB with a 72-30 TD-INT ratio makes no sense to me.

Cutler and Dolphins head coach Adam Gase have a history. In 2015 while Gase was the offensive coordinator with the Bears you can say Cutler was at his prime. However, right now Kaepernick is in better health and in my opinion is a better quarterback. I’m not disregarding the fact that Cutler was never good but, the fact that someone retires and then comes out of retirement only because his wife convinced him too, just sounds a little shaky to me.

The Dolphins first preseason game is this Thursday in Miami at the Hard Rock Stadium. In my opinion the Dolphins should play Cutler as much as they can during the game so adjustments can be made before the regular season starts. If it doesn’t go well for Cutler and the Dolphins, Kaepernick is still waiting.


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2 comments on “Is Cutler over Kaepernick really the right move?”
  1. Bill Bowers says:

    I’ll start off by saying that I’m a huge Dolphin’s fan. And to be honest with you I wasn’t crazy about signing Cutler or Kapernick. And I actually think that Matt Moore has a great chance of winning the starting quarterback competition. And as far as NFL owners colluding to keep Kapernick out of the NFL for taking a knee during the national anthem. Remember these two things. First is that he decided on his own not to sign a 13-14 million dollar contract and secondly he wasn’t the only player who chose not to stand for the anthem and those players are still playing in the NFL

    1. layinitontheline says:

      Thank you for your feedback 😊

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