Brady Quinn and Matt Leinart Single-Handedly Renewed the Fierce Hate Between Notre Dame and USC 

If you have been on twitter anytime recently, you’ve probably seen retweets of a renewed battle between ex-Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn and ex-USC QB Matt Leinart. 

The twitter shit talking began by someone posting a quote Quinn had recently stated on a show saying, “They cheated. They know it. He knows it.” What was to come next out of this was hilarious. 

This simple quote started a twitter battle between the two who are apparently still beefin over Bush’s push play. Matt Leinart quoted this tweet and said, “sounds like someone can’t get over losing 3 years in a row.” Which is true, but Quinn isn’t lying when he said they cheated, and it wasn’t just that game. Bush got the heisman taken away for cheating so Matt, sit down. Here’s a little snapshot of what the two were saying: 

Now I’m all for shit talking, but Leinart seemed to take a shot at Quinn’s 3rd and goal work which is uncalled for, let’s see how much charity you do punk. 

If you can’t tell already, I’m a little biased in this situation, but if I must say, Quinn won this. 

Leinart, as an anaylst, should know the rules of football. Which that play broke the rules, but as typical USC players and coaches do, he ignored the rules. Quinn on the other hand, brought facts and rules into it to back up his claim. 

Let’s also not forget the fact that Matt Leinart lost his girl to a ginger basketball player in Blake Griffin and Quinn has a smoke show. So again Matt, sit down. 

If nothing else, this twitter fight definitely ignited the flame a little more under the USC and Notre Dame rivalry. I can’t wait until they play each other because this beef will be all over the place. USC sucks. 


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