Is this game make or break for Ealy? 

Today is the Patriots first preseason game and it is against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The stars that are headlining the “not playing crew” is Brandin Cooks, Rob Gronkowski and of course, Tom Brady. These guys got most of the reps during the joint practices so it’s not like they are missing out on anything. One thing Patriots fans need to look for is how well Wise and Rivers do, and how long these guys stay in the game. If they are staying in a long time and the third string guys barely get any reps, then it could be bad news for Ealy. Ealy has had a bad camp and is now on the third team. This isn’t good considering there have been reports coming from Carolina saying that he wasn’t the easiest to coach either. If he doesn’t have that great of talent and isn’t coachable, then he could be the next cut coming. I think this game really does matter to him, and if it doesn’t then it should because his job is on the line. If Belichick really likes the young guys he drafted and they look like they could end up turning into valuable pieces to the team, then why is Ealy even here. He needs to prove to the coaching staff and to this team that he belongs here. He needs to prove that he was worth that second round pick that they gave up for him. To prove that he was a steal for a second round pick and not a bust. This game is a big one for him and if he does well maybe he gets an increase in reps later on.

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  1. @Garland_SP says:

    I hope Ealy has a good preseason. Wise and Rivers sound like freaks of nature but they may not be ready yet.

    Wasn’t too high a price to pay for Ealy but I hope it works out.

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