Zach Randolph is an Idiot

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Two time all-star and NBA veteran power forward Zach Randolph is already making a strong case for dumbass of the year. The thirty-six year old was arrested by the LA County Police Department Wednesday night on a felony charge of marijuana possession with intent to sell. Now I’m not going to argue that the NBA is right to ban the use of recreational marijuana. I’m not focusing on any arguments for and against the legality of weed. The simple fact is that Zach Randolph is a complete idiot.

Last season, Randolph averaged 14.1 points and 8.2 rebounds as the sixth man for the Memphis Grizzlies. Even at an old age, he still proved that he has the ability to play.  In fact, Randolph has been a major part in leading the Grizzlies to seven straight playoffs appearances. This offseason, Randolph signed a two year, $24 million deal to with the Sacramento Kings. You would think $24 million would be enough to keep a man out of trouble, but once again professional athletes prove us wrong. First it was Josh Gordon. Then, it was Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount. Now, Randolph is risking his multi million dollar salary because of weed.

If the NBA says that weed is illegal, then it’s illegal. There’s nothing else to it. It doesn’t matter what states have legalized marijuana. It’s irrelevant. If you play in the NBA, you are not allowed to use weed.  A lot of people would kill to have the ability and chance to play in the NBA. Athletes like Randolph do not know how fortunate they are to be making millions by playing basketball. It disgusts me that Randolph js completely fine risking his contract because he wants to smoke or sell weed.

I’m not against weed at all. I don’t care if someone wants to smoke. It’s none of my business. But you are just plain stupid if you would risk millions of dollars for weed. It’s a privilege to make NBA money. And with that privilege comes responsibility and rules. If Zach Randolph wants to be involved with weed, that’s fine by me. He just shouldn’t be in the NBA. And what’s he doing trying to sell weed in the first place? Why does he need the extra change? He just signed a $24 million dollar deal with the Kings.  That’s more money to be made in 2 years than a lot of people will make in their entire lives.  And Randolph is willing to throw that all away for some weed.

This is not about whether the NBA is right in banning the use of marijuana. It’s about responsibility and being smart. Yeah, the NBA’s rules regarding marijuana are pretty strict.  But in no case is weed ever worth millions of dollars. Zach Randolph has proved once again that a decent amount of pro athletes are not willing to follow these small rules in order to stay in the league. He should be embarrassed and absolutely ashamed of himself for choosing weed over the safety of his job. Nobody knows what will happen to Randolph. He could go to jail. The charges could be dropped. More likely, he will get fined. One thing we do know is that Zach Randolph is a complete idiot.


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