Blame it on the Tortellini 

Here is new reason behind failing a drug test; contaminated tortellini.

30-year-old WTA player Sara Errani failed a drug test for the banned substance Letrozole (used for breast cancer treatment but also can also increase body mass). Her mother had Letrozole tabs in her kitchen, and apparently they were close to their meal prep area. In the past Errani argued, she had dropped the tabs out of the pack and the only explanation was somehow the tabs contaminated the tortellini.

When are athletes going to realize we aren’t stupid as fans and followers of sports? There have been some really bad and hilarious excuses from “the drug was in my toothpaste” to “the girl I kissed had cocaine in her mouth.” This one though, has to rank up there as one of the worst excuses of all time.

The world’s 98th ranked woman tennis player will be able to return to action on October 3rd.


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