Is it time to say goodbye to Cyrus Jones? 

Patriots 2016 second round draft pick, cornerback Cyrus Jones, looks to have a bounce back year after he had a terrible rookie year. Although he hasn’t looked that good in camp, some guys thought he would shine in real games instead of just practice. Well his opportunity came in last nights pre-season game and he did not shine at all. In fact, he did the total opposite and plagued the team a little bit. He hurt the team as he struggled. He gave up a 97 yard bomb where he wasn’t even close to breaking the play up. People had such big expectations for him and now he just looks like a steaming pile of garbage on the field. Some even thought he would have been good enough to surpass Rowe and take that third corner spot, but he has moved further down the depth chart. It’s been two training camps now and he is supposed to look like he somewhat knows what he’s doing, but he doesn’t. He looks clueless and his talent isn’t good enough where it can make up for his stupidity. Also he hasn’t dazzled in the spot he’s supposed to either, as a return guy. He still can’t find the holes and he just looks shaky back there catching punts. It’s like you never know what’s gonna happen when he’s back there. So it’s time to pop the question of is it time to give Cyrus his walking papers and cut him? Maybe they give him another chance on practice squad if nobody picks him up, but nobody should since he was just so bad. Is his time just about up being a Patriot?


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