Zeke Elliot suspended 

Per Adam Schefter, Zeke Elliot has been suspended 6 games for domestic abuse. The Dallas Cowboys also have a bye week in week 7. That means he pretty much misses half of the season and this is a huge hit for the Cowboys. He was so good last year for them just as a rookie. Now imagine if he could play all 16 games. His only option to play is to appeal the ruling and he has 3 business days to do it. If he does appeal and the appeal goes into the season then he can play until the decision is made on the appeal. If they do end uphold the suspension in the middle of the season then his suspension would start then. Six games is a long time for a star player to be out and owner Jerry Jones has stated his thoughts on it and he is “furious” with the decision of the league. So now Goodell might be losing another close friend. He already lost Kraft, will he lose Jones now too? 

This is not only a big hit for Elliot and Dallas but for all players who have drafted him in fantasy. He was going around number 3 and 4 and now he will be going way later. A top running back in the draft is off the board and now everything is messed up. The better running backs will now be going at a higher price and McFadden is going at a higher price now too. Elliot is dropping not by the picks but by the rounds. There is still a possibility he can get it reduced, but it is still a big hit. We’ll see how it all plays out now as Elliot is expected to appeal and could end up having it reduced. 


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  1. Elliot’s suspension will not be reduced. “God” – dell, is a despot. The owners put him in this position and the players union foolishly signed away their rights. Who the hell were the lawyers who worked on that agreement? With Tom Brady, the face of the NFL, who is an upstanding and outstanding representative of the NFL, had charges trumped up about him, with no preponderous of evidence against him, what so ever. They stuck it to Brady to appease the other owners who are tired of getting beat by the Patriots. Looking forward to when the NFLPA negotiates a new contract in 2019. I hope the players go on strike and stick it to the owners. After which, I hope the owners fire God-dell! I could die happy.

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