When Dean Spanos announced on January 12th, 2017 that the chargers were headed north it came as a shock to many people. I have been watching football for 30 plus years, and something just doesn’t feel right about it. So, who exactly is to blame for this move? Some will say the ownership while others will say the city, maybe it lies somewhere in between.

I have a close friend Danny Holland, who has been a fan since 1989. This season he will be watching football for the first time without the bolts in San Diego. He feels it is a “kick to the stomach without the Bolts playing in San Diego.” It is hard to blame him for feeling this way isn’t it? I feel for him as I remember when the Patriots almost went to St Louis.

I asked him directly what are your plans moving forward? What he said directly didn’t exactly surprise me “after River retires I don’t really know.” I would imagine this is how a lot of older Bolts fans feel.

The transition from San Diego to LA is definitely going to be rocky. Going from QUALCOMM stadium that seats 71,000 to a 30,000 seat venue in Carson,CA is less than ideal (smaller than most ncaa stadiums). When they go to their shared stadium with the Rams in Inglewood, it will seat 70,000 fans and is slated to open in 2020.

I really feel for the many bolts fans still trying to hang onto something that isn’t there anymore. Spanos let you guys down both on and off the field. Your fan base deserved to be treated better, and it just doesn’t sit well with me.

As a fan, how do you feel about the Bolts leaving San Diego?

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  1. Don says:

    Go Pats ! thats what I think !

    1. Don says:

      Ok. So The patriots could of been in the same situation if it wasn’t for the Legendary Robert Kraft. Kraft knew the Patriots belonged in New England and boy was he right. Im so glad that Us Patriots fans Will never have to go thru what the Bolts/Raiders fans are going thru. I would not know how to deal with it however who do you root for if you stick to your roots ?

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