I Don’t Want to Have to Be Scared of Benintendi

The Red Sox had this really fun thing going on where they were good and making the AL East fun again but didn’t have a Yankee killer in the lineup. The days of Youk, Manny and Ortiz elevating their batting averages by .50 points against us had died. In fact, the Red Sox don’t currently have a player that elevates their batting average when playing against the Yankees. I did the research.

So that’s part one. I’m not scared of any current Sox player when they step into the box and I would really like that to continue. Then there is part two. Benintendi is the biggest squid in the MLB right now. Here’s my full explanation of why.

After getting a chance to see the man in his uniform again this series, I stand by everything I said. The city of Boston is getting fooled by this guy just because he is white and short. He looks like a kid playing dress up. He looks like the red sox let the water boy get an at bat in the last game of the season and the only uniform left lying around for him was an XL. Now, like I said, he may be great at baseball, I’m not arguing that. I’m just saying he looks like a dweeb. I mean come on, look at this guy…

I tweeted out that I didn’t want to be scared of him in the future and some Sox fans asked how I wasn’t scared of him already. So if you, like them, are wondering that as well, here’s my answer. I don’t watch Red Sox games. I watch Yankee games. Benintendi was hitting .200 against the Yankees this season thus far. Hitting .238 in his career versus us. So yeah, never really even noticed him.

Then I thought, wow I guess he’s pretty good if all these Sox fans are telling me I should be scared of him. I checked his stats… Didi has better stats than him. Didi is crushing it this year but I would never ever expect Red Sox fans to be scared of Didi when he comes to the plate.

Anyways, here’s to a good series against the Sox. We’ve won both games we have faced against Sale so far this season. If we win a third I may have to stay up all night and paint a mural of the occasion. Going to be very tough.

The real bad news is if we lose we have to watch the Sox do their cringy and corny dance routines. The old Red Sox took shots of whiskey before games and made themselves ugly on purpose. That I could actually get behind. A bunch of grown men playing patty cake and doing the Cory and Shawn best friend handshake in the outfield… nah, can’t do it. It’s so very lame.

P.S. Sevy just had an off day and Benintendi handled his mistakes expertly. I’m not actually worried about Benintendi becoming a Yankee killer.

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