Rams get Sammy.. Yay or Nay?

After the recent deal between the Rams and Bills, I was left questioning who won this trade. The deal sent Sammy Watkins and a 6th RD pick to the Rams in exchange for E.J. Gaines, as well as a 2nd RD pick. At first, my reaction consisted of a lot of “Hmm’s” as I sat down wondering what team got “fleeced”. After doing some thinking, and talking about the trade with a few friends, I have come to conclude that the winner of this trade would indeed be the Rams. I pick the Rams for various reasons, but since it took me so long to decide (surprisingly) lets look at it in both perspectives.


Well, tanking sure is a real scenario for Buffalo. For those who do not know what tanking is, it usually takes place in basketball, and it is where a team intentionally loses to get a top pick. Most teams that tank are usually in a “rebuild” state, or they are beginning it. As for the Bills, it looks as if they may be beginning the “rebuild” starting in the 2016-17 season. I can’t say I am surprised, especially if they do not believe Tyrod Taylor is their “guy” so to speak. The 2018 draft is supposedly the “best QB draft in a while”, consisting of players such as Darnold and McSorley. Therefore they could be stocking up picks hoping either someone falls (no way will that happen), or they can trade for a higher pick by loading all those stocked up picks into one trade, hoping to land a top pick.  This trade is so lop-sided, that I honestly don’t know what to say other than “WHAT the hell were they thinking?”. The only way the Bills can win this trade is if Sammy Watkin’s injuries keep him off the field, or they draft Tom Brady with their 2nd round pick (if they keep it). Overall, if they aren’t tanking, then….what the hell. Oh and yeah, I did spend a while thinking about it… I know what you’re thinking, I’m also a bit disappointed in myself for that one.


The Rams have done their “tanking” and they have also made some moves where you just sit there and think “Man, I could do better than that” (the Goff trade). I can say one positive thing for Rams fans, they finally won something but… it’s not a game. In the perspective of LA, how could they not do this trade, they get rid of the 5″10 CB in E.J. Gaines, but they still have Johnson as well as Joyner, and they Gain Sammy, who is definitely better than a 2nd round pick if healthy. In my opinion a 5″10 CB is too small, unless you are Malcolm Butler, who is one of the scrappiest CB’s in the league. Honestly the trade was a no brainer, they are currently in need of WR’s as they lack speed and reliability at that position, so getting Sammy is absolutely huge. I believe that Sammy, alongside Britt could be dangerous if they get Goff to play up to par. If Watkins can stay healthy, he can produce and that is already known. He has the talent to be a top WR in the league and has shown it while he was healthy, but he is hindered by his injuries. Another thing I question would be if Goff can get him the ball. Goff definitely did not perform like a No. 1 pick is expected to play, he looked like he was a little kid on his first day of school… a mess. If Watkins can stay healthy, and Goff can figure out how to play QB in the NFL, that could be a solid QB-WR connection, which would run the league in the next 2-3 years. So basically the Rams gave up a small CB who I think may work as a rotational man, he may be able to be a teams Nickel CB at best, and a 2nd round pick, and got their new No.1 Receiver. Who may very well be in the top 5 in yards and TDs this season (if Goff can play), as well as a 6th round pick. So….. yeah it was pretty worth it if you ask me.

Winner of the trade: Rams

Yay or Nay?



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