Duke Lands Number One Prospect for Third Time Since 2014

In today’s “one and done” era of college basketball, it is huge when a team signs the number one prospect. There is no more building players in a program, because they are all there for just a few months before heading to the NBA. Every year, college teams have to go all in on winning the NCAA championship despite having what seems to be new starting lineups every year. If a team lands the number one prospect, then their odds on winning the championship skyrocket. Obviously.

Marvin Bagley III however is more than a number one prospect, he is a future NBA all-star and impact player in the league. Bagley plays a stretch 4 position and stands at 6’11” and weighs in at roughly 230 pounds. Duke has a tremendous track record with forming their bigs to be a lottery pick in the NBA Draft. They have had five bigs drafted in the lottery the past four years: Jabari Parker (2nd pick 2014), Jahlil Okafor (3rd pick 2015), Justise Winslow (10th pick 2015), Brandon Ingram (2nd pick 2016), and Jayson Tatum (3rd pick 2017). This could be a primary reason Bagley decided to commit to be a Blue Devil.

His backstory however is quite an unusual one. He is not your typical high school senior that signed to play Division 1 basketball after graduating with his friends. Bagley was originally going to graduate in 2018 from Sierra Canyon High in Chatsworth California, but after an agreement with the NCAA, he is set to graduate high school early and be eligible for the 2017-18 NCAA Men’s Basketball season. Bagley is reported to finish his high school classes several weeks before the beginning of Duke’s opener.

Bagley is taking full advantage of this “one and done” era and even found a way to get out of his senior year of high school during the process. He will be eligible to enter the 2018 NBA Draft and will most definitely be a lottery pick.

Need proof?

Marvin Bagley III is the real deal. Take this raw talent and add expert coaching from Coach K and the Duke coaching staff and the result is a basketball Phenom. The top pick debate in the 2018 NBA Draft just became more heated. Lets just hope my Celtics are lucky enough to grab him with their Nets pick.


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