Sandoval’s Tribune Piece Confirms What We Already Know

Pablo says sorry to SF, but not to Boston.

Days after Pablo’s call up to the disastrous San Francisco Giants, Pablo Sandoval chronicled his release from Boston and decision to sign back with the Giants.

You know, as if he had a say in the matter.

The former World Series MVP went unclaimed after the Red Sox put him on waiver claims in late May. This is no surprise given his health history, lack of usability, and his lack of production in the rare instances he was healthy in his tenure with Boston.

Without a team, it looked as if Sandoval’s days as a major leaguer were nearly over. He was a panda far removed from his home without a zoo to take him in.

Pablo begged and pleaded. (“Please, give me a shot, I’m still the same guy who won three titles with the Giants! I’m the Kung-Fu Panda!!!”).

As you may imagine after making upwards of $60 million dollars from the Red Sox, Sandoval was begging to find a new team.

After 24 long hours of unemployment, just as when he signed the $95 million dollar contract, he fell up. Ultimately, he made the decision that thousands of losers on this great green planet make:

He got back with his ex.

And oh man, did this ex let herself go. She just missed out on the playoffs by losing to the Cubs in the Wild Card game in 2016, and then she fell into a deep depression in 2017. Taking Pablo back was what she thinks she needs to get out of it.  Imagine being in such bad shape that you think taking a disaster like Pablo Sandoval back will make your life better.

Okay, enough with that metaphor. Trust me, there’s enough of that in the Sandoval sob story.

The most glaring detail in his piece is that he first apologized to the Giants and Giants fans for signing with another team that gave him a ton more money, an apology to the team that signed and developed him, but not to the team that he outright stole millions from.

Red Sox fans are not even mentioned in his apology for bringing their hopes up only to hit .237 with 14 home runs in less than a full season of games.

But not to worry Boston, Pablo says you’re just fine:

“At the end of the day, I just never felt comfortable in Boston. It had nothing to do with the organization, or my teammates, or the fans, or the city. Everybody was great to me.”

So it’s not the fans, not the media like David Price, so what was it?


Pablo, you’re right. Your heart was in San Francisco, but your waist stretched out all the way to Boston. No wonder you never felt at home.

Not once does Pablo address the panda elephant in the room, the very reason why his time with the Red Sox didn’t work out, his weight. It was why his ex-girlfriend didn’t give him an offer; he was too fat to be a good investment for the future, even at 27 years of age.

But who’s right? Nobody here. The Giants took him back under the veteran minimum. And yes, that means Pablo is playing with two paychecks coming in, one way larger than the other.

Sandoval is back with the Giants, playing for a sunken ship alongside his old pals Hunter Pence, Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner.

For Red Sox fans, an apology for failing to live up to the almost nine-figure check would have been nice. But instead, the tone is “it didn’t work out, ha ha, sucks to be you”.

In the end, that’s all Boston fans will ever feel by paying any more attention to San Fran’s PR stunt. Therefore, I advise against it.

If you do decide to click on the article, do it for the development of the Players’ Tribune, and not because you wanna hear about Sandoval’s wholesome adventures in Omaha (somewhere in middle America) before getting the call-up.

Have a look back at the days of Pandamonium in Boston:

Enough is Enough With Pablo Sandoval



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    Giants lost to Cubs in the divisional series last year in 4 games, just FYI

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