The 3 College Quarterbacks Poised for a Breakout Season

If you’re going to have a successful team in college football you got to have a good quarterback. The quarterback makes the game breaking decisions whether it is a throw he makes or a play he runs. The best player on some of the best teams is the quarterback. These are three quarterbacks that have shown potential to be great, but haven’t broken out yet.

1. Deondre Francois , Florida State

Last season Francois looked like he was capable of leading the Seminoles. In his redshirt freshman season he showed that he has the arm talent and can make throws while getting pressured. Not only was he getting pressured, but most of the time he would end up getting hit by the defender whether it was a sack or as he got the ball out. Francois was one of the most sacked quarterbacks last season by being sacked 36 times and getting hit double that. He had a historically bad offensive line and still found a way to play good. Obviously it wasn’t a perfect season because he had his bad throws and stupid reads here and there, but this season I think he will breakout. He has to improve on honing in on protections and if he does that he will be able to just focus on the defensive leverages and three techniques and that will make it so he can get the read the blitz correctly and get the ball out quicker. He has to know when to throw the ball, because a lot of times last season he would hold the ball too long and with the bad offensive line that would get him hit. I think if he improves on his presence in the pocket that will make it so he gets hit less which will ultimately make him better. I do expect him to improve on those parts of his game and I really think he will improve his stats. Expect to see Deondre Francois making plays all season.


2. Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State

Many believe that Rudolph is one of the best college QBs in the nation. Even though he hasn’t had a season where you say that he is because of the numbers he puts up. I think that will be that season. FOX Sport’s Joel Klatt picked him to win the Heisman trophy this season. That would mean he would have to have the best season out of any of player in the country. I honestly don’t think he will do that, but I do think that he will have a breakout season for the Cowboys. Rudolph will have that breakout season because he is talented and well he has the best receiving core in the country to throw to. Consisting of James Washington, transfer Tyron Johnson, Jalen McCleskey, and Marcell Ateman. All of those guys are players that are very reliable receivers who make plays every game. Expect that to be one of the biggest reasons that Mason Rudolph breaks out and has the best season of his college career and maybe try to bring in that Heisman.


3. Jalen Hurts, Alabama

Hurts had a really good season last season, but he did not breakout. I will say he was a true freshman, so it was a learning experience. Playing for the best overall team in the country and being the QB means he has to play in those big time games and has to show up. Hurts definitely has some parts of his game that he has to work on and focus on to get better. He is a great running quarterback and can make plays with his legs while getting pressured. He isn’t the fastest guy, but he is mobile and has the smarts to make moves and jukes when he should. Hurts has to work on being a more efficient and confident quarterback. He wasn’t great later on in the regular season and has to improve on that. Those things are pretty simple for him to work on and will take him to the next level of quarterbacks. I think he will not only be running all over defenses, but will be making plays with his arm mostly. I expect him to improve his accuracy and decision making. He has to become a better leader and has to learn the new offense. Once he works hard on all of those parts of his game and just stays consistent with his game he will break out this season and make his team the best it can be.


Those are the three quarterbacks I think will have breakout seasons. They will all improve on their game and will all be reliable for their teams. You should expect to see all three of them at the top and getting better than they were.



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