Ever Wanted to Play in the Las Vegas SuperContest? Well Here is Your Chance!

NFL BidLeague is a week-to-week NFL pool incorporating weekly betting lines much like the The Westgate Supercontest in Las Vegas. Except you can participate in this pool from the comfort of your own house. Entry fee is $100 and is paid for through LeagueSafe.


BidLeague will send the official lines to all participants via e-mail on Tuesday night.

These will be the official lines used for the week, and they will not change before kickoff.

If the line is “OFF” that pick is not available for selection, this sometimes happens for multiple reasons. Before the deadline on Saturday at 10 AM. (unless you are picking the Thursday Night game, see below for more details), reply to BidLeague’s official lines e-mail with your 4 picks and indicate which pick is your “lock pick”. Make your picks clear to avoid confusion. Put your name and the current week in the subject line. Use the home team to denote an over/under game.

An example of how your picks should look:

John Doe’s Week 2 picks:
Bengals +4
Giants Ov 45
Browns +8
Vikings Un 44.5 “Lock”

If no “lock pick” is indicated, the last pick listed will be your “lock pick”.

Throughout the regular season, the 3 regular picks are worth +/- 1 point, and the “lock pick” is worth +/- 1.5 points.

If you do not make your picks on time, you will get one phone call. If you can’t be reached, you will get random picks for the week and a 1 point penalty.

Everyone’s Picks will be posted by kickoff on Sunday, as well as a breakdown of pick popularity.

Game Results, as well as Season Standings, will be posted on the homepage no later than Tuesday night.

Thursday Night Football

If you would like to choose a Thursday Night Football line, that pick must be sent to the BidLeague email by Thursday at 5 PM. Only that Thursday line needs to be sent. The rest of your picks will need to be submitted by Saturday at 10 AM. If you would like your Thursday pick to be your lock for the week that must be indicated in the e-mail on Thursday. That Thursday night the breakdown of how many people picked each line for the Thursday Night game will be posted on the league website. The actual names of the people who picked the games will not be released until everyone’s picks are posted before kickoff on Sunday to avoid any advantage or disadvantage.

Making the Playoffs:

The standings will be kept throughout the season, and if you are in the top (TBD) at the end of the season you will qualify for the playoffs. Payouts are TBD.

***Your regular season point total at the end of the year will carry over into the playoffs.***

Playoff Scoring:

In Wildcard/Divisional weeks, just like the regular season, each player will make 4 picks and the scoring will be the same.

In Conference Championship week, each player will make 4 picks, and the points will be doubled.

In Super Bowl week, each player will make 2 picks, and the points will be tripled.

Throughout the playoffs, there will still be one “lock pick” made every week.


Tie Breakers:

1) Lock Pick Record

2) Points in the most recent week(s)


In 2017, there are (TBD) total entries and (TBD) will make the playoffs.


Payment System:

Like previous years we will be using LeagueSafe to handle all monetary transactions. Below is the link for the league, please signup and pay your entry fee. Entry fee this year is still $100.


There is a 4% transaction fee when paying, so, for example, the league costs $100 but you will be charged 104. This website allows for us to pay everyone out through the website which will result in a check being sent to you for a very minimal fee. There are other payment options but the check is the cheapest.

All payments must be made by September 9th, 2017.

Payouts will be released when all entries are final.

Please notify anybody and everybody who would be interested in joining. The LeagueSafe website is open for anyone to join. So if you make a payment and are not on the original distribution list please type your email address into the message board on LeagueSafe so I can contact you and add you to the distribution list.


There is a 5 unit referral for each entry you get to join. Make sure the person emails nflbidleague@yahoo.com who referred them.


90% of the prize pool will be awarded.



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    Sounds awesome!

    1. @roomanjr says:

      It is awesome! Best pool I have ever run. It’s so much fun. If interested email nflbidleague@yahoo.com!

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