2017 or 2013?

Just before 11 PM last night, the Red Sox won their 9th walk-off win of the season.  It’s starting to feel like a normal, everyday occurrence, as the Sox can’t stop making comebacks when they’re down, ending the night with somebody getting showered with Gatorade.  It’s been a while since it’s felt this way at Fenway Park, and by a while, I mean 4 years, though it seems like forever in the minds of young Red Sox fans who only remember a successful, post-2004 franchise.

Unlike most of the extra-inning walk-off wins this season, Wednesday’s game ended in the 9th when Jackie Bradley Jr. avoided a tag to sneak into home plate with the winning run. The last time walk-off wins piled up was 2013, which we all know was the year the Sox won the World Series. The atmosphere in Fenway Park is noticeably electric. Last night’s crowd hung on every pitch, praying for a miracle in the ninth inning.  Boston fans have came out for every home game, fueling the Sox’s recent winning streak.

This team has more home than away games left this season, which will no doubt help them go for a division win.  They currently have a 4.5 game lead over the Yankees, who have plenty of problems to deal with before they can call themselves contenders.  If the boys from Fenway continue to play like they have, I have no doubt they can compete with anyone in the league.  Fans are buying into the fact that this could be the year, and at this point, the only people in the park not in jerseys not rooting for a Red Sox walkoff are the photographers that get unnecessarily drenched at the end of games. The only thing that could mean is that it’s beginning to look a lot like 2013.


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