If You Care About this Judge Strikeout Streak You’re a Certified Dummy

ESPN, the beat writers, and idiots alike are going crazy over this Judge strikeout streak. I had people tweeting at me saying they were happy about the pop up to the catcher because at least it wasn’t a strike out. I had people tweeting at me saying they hope he doesn’t get another at bat in the game because then he doesn’t have a chance to strike out. Judge had two hits in the game! He sent one ball to the third deck! Who the fuck cares if one of his at bats is a strikeout?

If there was one game in the middle where he went 0/4 with four pop outs to the catcher we wouldn’t know anything about this. They wouldn’t be saying Judge has struck out 29 times in 31 games. It would be nothing. But if he goes 1/3 with a K it continues.


So nauseating that I’m now rooting for one strike out every game. Give me that record. Give me all the records.

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