Is the Texans and Patriots joint practice a bad thing?

This week the Patriots have a pre season game against the Houston Texans and old friend Bill O’Brien. So like last week they are having joint practices and many media members and fans are wondering if this is a bad thing. They think that the Texans are the closest competition in the AFC for the Pats and should they be giving up some of their practice secrets? 

Look Bill O’Brien was a part of the Patriots a little while back, so he knows this offense already and knows how they operate. This is not a bad thing, this is a great thing because these practices are better than the actual pre season games. Mostly because they are controlled and the quarterbacks can’t get hit, so they get a lot of reps while in the actual game they don’t get any. This is where the teams get to face some actual competition. This is where the O-line actually gets tested by a real defensive line, and a good one at that. This is where Marcus Cannon can improve and see how J.J. Watt and the Clowneys’ play. These are some of the most valuable reps in all of the offseason. Now some may think “they’ll give up a trick play or something”, well Bill B has an answer to that, “listen we’re not gonna show our triple reverse and they’re not gonna show their triple safety blitz and a bunch of other garbage.” So to all of the fans panicking that they know everything now, take a deep breath and calm down. These practices are for the better of the players and younger coaches, not for one team to learn everything about another team. 


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