Is Colin Kaepernick Close to Getting a Shoe Deal?

Before we get to the originator of the anthem boycott, we have disgruntled Seattle Seahawk lineman Michael Bennett who made an appearance on “The Six” (also known as Jemele Hill and Michael Smith’s Ode to Karl Marx) and came out with this whammy in reference to his sitting during the national anthem.  “You need a white guy to join the fight. The white guy is super important to the fight.”

This clown is sitting out the anthem to stand (no pun intended) for equality.  To date, I hadn’t noticed that only black people were the ones sitting out the anthem. I saw it more as two groups, respectful and assholish.  Thank you, Mike, for noticing the skin colors of those sitting vs standing, as we go about creating an atmosphere of ‘equality.’  That should get the ball rolling.  To summarize Bennett’s views over the past several years, we need more black owners, more black coaches, and one white guy to sit out the anthem.  Apparently, Asians, Latinos, Middle Easterners and other races are not even in play. Just blacks and whites, but again, we are all equal.  Confused as all shit? You should be.

Colin Kaepernick is close to signing a shoe deal, not as a spokesman, but as a salesman. Bob Ferrick of the National Shoe Retailers Association thinks Colin would fit in great at a local shoe store.  “We sell most of our shoes during the weekend, and Colin is free now every Sunday.  Also, shoe salesmen spend a great deal of time on their knees, where Colin has gained a great amount of experience.  Similarly, whereas in football Colin used to stand there while measurements were taken, and subsequently be given the news that he has once again come up short, now Colin will be doing the measuring, then proceeding to the register whereby he will run customers’ credit cards and supply them with a similar message.  Lastly, the job requires a small amount of lifting and handing off, but fortunately for Colin, there is no throwing.”


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