NHL Expansion: Was Las Vegas the Right Location?

When the NHL announced on June 22, 2016, that Las Vegas was granted an expansion team I was somewhat shocked. Las Vegas doesn’t exactly scream hockey to me. Yes, they have the awards show and have had exhibitions in the city, but part of me was hoping for another team. The team I’m talking about is the Quebec Nordiques.

Having another team in a hockey hotbed seemed like the logical choice, but it appears the NHL had other ideas. Maybe it feels that Vegas is a hotbed for incoming sports teams like the NFL and possibly even the NBA at some point. Hopefully, they made the right choice, but call me skeptical with the way desert and southern teams have worked out. Let’s look at a couple teams, for example, the Arizona Coyotes. They average 13,095 in attendance, which is near the bottom of the league with the Carolina Hurricanes attendance, which is 11,776… abysmal.

So what are some options for the league? How about trying the northwest region of the USA, it’s largely untapped and ripe for the picking. I will be hoping that the NHL made the right choice as hockey as a whole could use a boost. It’s currently the lowest on the totem pole when it comes to the major sports.

Now back to Quebec, why has that not happened yet? The sport of hockey is the equivalent of football in Canada. After all, it’s their sport. People eat, drink, and sleep hockey up there. Another city I’d like to see get a chance for a team is Hartford. The Hartford Whalers is a long shot, but hearing the brass bonanza one more time would be music to my ears, especially if Quebec gets a team. The Adams division would be back intact and that would be a good thing for hockey.

So who would you want to see get a team hockey fans? Are you optimistic about Vegas getting theirs? Let’s hope for hockey’s sake they got it right.


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