Madden’s Franchise Mode Isn’t Fun Anymore Because They Let You Do Whatever the Hell You Want

Last Thursday, EA Sports released a 10-hour trial of Madden 18 for all EA Access members.  I bought a one-month subscription to EA Access and 3 days later I had come to one conclusion: The pussification of Madden is upon us.

It began a couple of years ago when they gave you the ability to “force win”, meaning you can choose the winner of any game you sim, even if it’s your team’s game.

Last year, they added the ability to change the attribute skills of every player in the league.  No, I’m not talking about using player XP to upgrade your players.  I’m talking about being to make a 53-man roster of 99 overalls.

This year, you don’t even have to start your season from scratch, you can hop into a new franchise at any time in the season.  For example, if it’s Week 17 of the real-life 2017 NFL season, you could begin your season in Week 17 as the Patriots (who will probably have a 15-0 record), and waltz into the playoffs.  Maybe I’m just a Madden purist, but I miss the good old days when you had to grind your way to a Super Bowl victory like an adult.

Also, Madden’s newest game mode, “Longshot”, is a knock-off version of NBA2K’s “My Career”, except this one has many more unskippable cut-scenes.  In the first hour of playing this game mode, I witnessed roughly 50 minutes of cut-scenes, and was only able to hop in for 10 minutes of gameplay.  I found this to be extremely boring, and incredibly lame.  Unfortunately for Devin (the mode’s main character), he will not be graduating high school because I will never play Longshot ever again.


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