Sleeper Reason For Why Kyrie To Boston Is A Stud Move By The Celtics

Kyrie is absolutely electric. I don’t care what happened between him and LeBron in Cleveland, all I know is that him coming to Boston is the best thing that could happen to the Celtics. Think about it, this dude mangled the Celtics in the conference finals, and he was a stud throughout the playoffs even without that Celts series.

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This article isn’t about that stuff, though. No, no, no; this article is about a sleeper reason for why this move was unreal.

Which team do the Celtics see in the playoffs that is literally immovable? Cleveland.

Who was the biggest killer for the Cleveland that systematically ripped apart the Celtics? Kyrie Irving.

Who plays for Cleveland and has a personal beef with Kyrie Irving? The best player in the game? LeBron James.

Those factors right there are the biggest reasons why this move was a boss move by Danny A. Kyrie is going to walk out of that tunnel in the Conference Finals with a look of absolute carnage in his eye. Dude has been living in LeBron’s shadow with LeBron waiting for the next guy to come around who’s better than him. And now he has his chance.

Remember the kid in The Incredibles who was actually a really brilliant sidekick but Mr. Incredible never appreciated his talent and wanted to work alone? Ya, that kid is Kyrie Irving. He’s going to shred up the Cavs with a vengeance, and it is going to be fun to watch.


The ending will be different though, Kyrie won’t get sucked into a jet engine at the end of the season.




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