To Stand or Not to Stand, That is the Question

I love this country, and I feel very lucky to have been born here. It’s also a privilege for all of us to be able to have different views on various topics because our military fights for those freedoms. Some would say, “Andrew how can you support disrespecting the flag by not standing for the National Anthem?” Well, I will tell you why, because there is no mandate!

Here at WTP Sports, we don’t write about politics, and this article is pretty close to a political story, but I wanted to bring facts to the forefront surrounding the American Flag and the National Anthem.

Let me be clear, I stand for the National Anthem and I proudly display a flag outside my house every day. However, I don’t think it’s disrespectful to sit/kneel, do a headstand, lie on their back, or whatever else someone wants to do (sans talking). That’s their prerogative and doesn’t affect me one bit. I don’t think it’s in good taste to do anything other than stand, but it’s not “illegal”. What does affect me is ESPN creating tensions for no reason.

Let’s take a look at the actual history of the Anthem for our country:

  1. Gifted to the USA by Francis Scott Key and written because our flag inspired his lyrics in 1814
  2. First official use by the US Navy in 1889.
  3. Officially adopted as our national anthem in March of 1931 under President Herbert Hoover.
  4. The statute says “should stand”.

To me, “should” doesn’t mean “must” or “shall.” Which to me means it’s a made up issue based on opinion and not facts. Can we please not make a big deal out of this anymore? The media is making players who don’t stand look like bad people, which they really aren’t, and it’s unfair to put them in that category, and as fans, we need to realize that.

I don’t know if this will be my last article toeing the line of politics and sports, but I felt the need to express this issue while watching ESPN this morning. When I watch sports, I want to watch athletes practicing their craft. While I have a lot of respect for Herman Edwards, I really don’t care what he thinks about politics. This “issue” shouldn’t be brought to the forefront before every single NFL football game with the camera people trying to find players who aren’t standing for the Anthem.

In essence, it really doesn’t affect our lives, it’s not the reason Kaepernick doesn’t have a job, and it’s a way for the media to create a bias for no reason other than ratings.


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