How Magic Johnson Could Have Ruined the Lakers Future

Magic, Magic, Magic. No wonder why people were hesitant to believe that you could help the Lakers in the front office. This is exactly what we expected out of you. You are a top 10 all-time player, so there will be a spotlight on everything you do as the President of Basketball Operations. Now you potentially just shattered any future dreams you once had with your young Lakers team.

If you were following along during the NBA offseason, you will remember Paul George telling the Pacers that he would not resign with them next season and it would be best if he was traded. George made it very clear that he planned to sign with the Lakers during 2018 free agency, and tried to weasel his way out of the Pacers’ organization a year earlier. George, however, was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder for almost nothing. Well, they got Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis, but yeah, basically nothing. The NBA world erupted after this news, saying the Thunder stole George from the Pacers. Looking back at it now, the Pacers might have done the deal with the Thunder just to stick it to the Lakers.

On Sunday, the Pacers filed tampering charges against the Lakers saying that Magic Johnson violated the rules by trying to manipulate Paul George. Obviously, the Lakers denied they did such a thing and an investigation is underway. If the Lakers are found guilty, then Magic Johnson and his Lakers are punished in a big time way.

Punishments include loss of draft picks, fine up to $5 million, suspension of team officials, and the Lakers won’t be able to acquire George in any way. The NBA Draft is how the Lakers have been building their team so losing draft picks blows up their strategy. Recent picks include Julius Randle, D’Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram, and the one and only Lonzo Ball. Also, they would not be able to TRADE draft picks for players similar to George. They can only offer picks in the draft years and years in the future or trade their own players.

So there you have it. The Lakers’ future is no longer in their hands all thanks to Magic Johnson not knowing how to shut his mouth. As a Celtics fan, all I can do is smile knowing that we will “BEAT LA!” for a very very very long time.


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