Should You Buy It?

With just about 12 hours until the “megafight” between McGregor and Mayweather pay-per-view, it’s time to decide. The two will square off at the T-Mobile center in Las Vegas, with their fight most likely starting around midnight. As I am sure you are already aware of the pricey cost to view the bout, if you are still questioning purchasing the fight, let me help you think things through.

Should I buy it?

Of course, everyone has had this thought circling around inside their head for the past few months. Is it me or am I the only one who believes they have made the final decision, but then hear about it and think again, only to run through the same cycle in my head? Well if you’re like me, hopefully, you read this, because I am sure you are going to want to just say screw it and buy it, but why do that? To help you out, let’s remember a few things:

  • Floyd is debatably the greatest defensive boxer EVER.
  • McGregor has NEVER boxed before.
  • McGregor’s sparring partner revealed he lacks stamina as well as body durability.
  • McGregor’s video from his camp day that was open to the people, he looked….. eh.
  • Floyd is 49-0 and has boxed at an elite level his whole career, so it’s unlikely he’s lost a big enough step to take him off his game.

Given the obvious points, it seems as if the fight has already been won… but the whole reason why fans still debate with ourselves on whether we spend the $100, or save the money… is hope. The whole reason this is even still in our minds is the same reason some Pats fans never turned the tv off during the Super Bowl. The only reason this fight is even being attended, or viewed, is the hope to see an era end. The slight possibility that McGregor lands the punch, the punch that does what no other boxer in the past 20 years could, the punch that shuts one of the biggest mouths of the 21st century. I am here to tell you, as a Pats fan, never give up hope, but should this “hope” factor be the reason you spend the money? Well in all honesty, no. If you are so eager to watch it that you are going to purchase it, at least split it with a few friends, so instead of $100, you can enjoy it with company and spend less money.

Overall, is it worth it? No, unless you are splitting it with a couple people, do not get this fight, because I am warning you, it will disappoint you. It will basically be McGregor bouncing around trying to get in close on one of the greats when it comes to defense… so yeah, he most likely will be unsuccessful.


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