MLB Players Weekend

With the first annual players weekend, I’d like to touch a little bit on the subject. What exactly was the ultimate goal here? Was it trying to gather more attention for the younger fans? I’ve spoken too a variety of different age groups on the subject and the general consensus was they didn’t like it at all. I didn’t really know what to make of it; being I’ve watched baseball my entire life it came across as very gimmicky to me. I don’t know if I’m in the minority, or majority, but I have a few theories on why MLB did it.

The MLB has been dealing with a problem with the length of the game, and trying to find different ways to draw more attention to the game. What better way to try and gather attention to it than to put nicknames on the back of the players jerseys like STICKMAN, ZEN MASTER, and BIG WORM. Does this work for anyone? Call me a traditionalist, but I much prefer Sale, Lorenzen, and Blanco on the back of their jerseys. Whatever happened to keeping things the way they were?

How exactly do you tinker with a game that has been this countries favorite past time since before any of us were born? Baseball is in our blood as Americans. How many of us played as a kid? How many of us play the game today? I would venture to say the answer is still pretty high wouldn’t you? I think we get lost in the everyday hustle of life sometimes. Where we want everything fast and immediate. Take some time out of the everyday busy life we all live, grab a mitt and toss the ball around like we did as kids that made us love this game.

I personally feel this was another cash grab from the MLB to try, and bring a higher relevance to the game. The NFL is currently the top dog in America, and that’s not going away anytime soon. Let’s talk about the length of the two games shall we? Let’s start with the NFL the where average game last 3 hours and 12 minutes. But if you tally up the actual time you see football action it’s 11 minutes with the ball in play per Now let’s look at the average MLB game, 3 hours 5 minutes and 45 seconds is the current average of the 2017 season per Would you have thought the two leagues would be so close in average time without seeing the averages?

What I would like to see is keeping the game as it is. Yes it could use some tinkering, but keep the rules the same. Is baseball really broken or do we just want things faster than what we all remember? Maybe they try this again next year. Did it hurt anything? Probably not. I just couldn’t imagine the old timers doing such a thing. I don’t know what the next step is for the MLB as a whole, but what I do know is baseball will go on. It’s not going anywhere not anytime soon

What does everybody think? Would you like to see faster games, or keep things they way it’s always been? Thanks again, for reading the many articles WTPsports puts out, we appreciate the support from everybody. It means a lot. You can follow me on twitter at christhehood420.





3 comments on “MLB Players Weekend”
  1. James says:

    Thank you Chris for explaining the jerseys, I thought it a was a throwback game but I was totally wrong when I saw the names on the back and i was wondering what was going on. I agree with you 100% it was a gimmick to get the young crowd involved. If the MLB wants to hurry up the game maybe they should put a timer on the pitcher and the batter. You and I have seen too many games where the pitcher is taking his time to throw the ball. P.S keep up the good writing

    1. Chris says:

      Thanks for the support It just felt pushed onto us with the jerseys

  2. Friz K says:

    Watching the Sox get swept made me think that too much time was spent on this and not enough time on baseball. With your playoff life potentially in the balance, this was a distraction that wasn’t needed.
    On the length of games – who in the hell has that kind of time?! Especially trying to watch the product MLB has out there right now?
    Another great article by you, Chris!

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